DVD Movie Trip to Bountiful

Cost $5.00 (Paypal checkout)

Condition: Brand New

“”Carrie Watts (Cicely Tyson) begrudgingly lives with her occupied, overprotective child, Ludie, and gaudy girl in-law, Jessie Mae. No more ready to drive and prohibited to travel alone, she wishes for opportunity from the bounds the house and beseeches her child to go up against her a visit to the place where she grew up of Bountiful.

When he cannot, Mrs. Watts is resolute and makes a getaway to the neighborhood transport station, where she becomes friends with Thelma (Keke Palmer), a young lady voyaging home. Whenever Ludie and Jessie Mae find she is gone, they bring in law requirement to help, yet Mrs.

Watts is one stage in front of them and persuades the neighborhood sheriff to offer her on her adventure some assistance with homing to Bountiful. Vanessa Williams and Blair Underwood additionally star in this TV adjustment of American dramatist and screenwriter Horton Footes Tony-selected play.””


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