DVD Movie Trip to Bountiful

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“”Carrie Watts (Cicely Tyson) begrudgingly lives with her occupied, overprotective child, Ludie, and gaudy girl in-law, Jessie Mae. No more ready to drive and prohibited to travel alone, she wishes for opportunity from the bounds the house and beseeches her child to go up against her a visit to the place where she grew up of Bountiful.

When he cannot, Mrs. Watts is resolute and makes a getaway to the neighborhood transport station, where she becomes friends with Thelma (Keke Palmer), a young lady voyaging home. Whenever Ludie and Jessie Mae find she is gone, they bring in law requirement to help, yet Mrs.

Watts is one stage in front of them and persuades the neighborhood sheriff to offer her on her adventure some assistance with homing to Bountiful. Vanessa Williams and Blair Underwood additionally star in this TV adjustment of American dramatist and screenwriter Horton Footes Tony-selected play.””


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DVD Movie Pure Of Heart 10 Inspirational Movies

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Include the following 10 – Inspirational Movies

Beyond Grace

No Weapon Shall Prosper

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Boss Lady

Great Gain

Under The Cherry Tree

Yesterday Is Still Gone

The Engagement

A Change Is Coming

Youth Of Christ


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DVD Movie Endgame / Blood Brothers / Execution of Raymond Graham / Jewel

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With Nelson Mandela secured away prison and the nation in shambles, a specialist( (Jonny Lee Miller) connects with restricting gatherings in mystery examinations to iron out an arrangement for peace. Additionally featuring Chiwetel Ejiofor and William Hurt.

Kindred spirits

Daryl, a young man experiencing childhood in a perilous neighborhood, witnesses a shooting out of his window. As a trial results, it looks as though the wrong man will be rebuffed, yet no witnesses have come forward…until Daryl has a change of heart.

The Execution of Raymond Graham

Raymond Graham has been a criminal since age 19. At the point when equipped theft and attack offered approach to kill, the 28-year-old wound up sitting on death line. Be that as it may, with a couple sentencing deferrals added to his repertoire, deadly infusion hasn’t been a genuine threat…until now. Featuring Morgan Freeman.


Brenda Kay is an infant not at all like any of her others, however it is extremely unlikely Jewel Hilburn (Farrah Fawcett) is going to let an incapacity upset her sweet young lady. Cicely Tyson co-stars in this rousing dramatization


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Craft Projects Collection (Jewelcase)

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Craft Projects gives you customizable images, text, shapes and colors to create your own designs, import your own clip art, photos, images, and sounds or choose from 1000’s provided.

  • Create your own T-shirt designs using our tookkit of 850 clip art images, 100 photos and 50 fonts

  • Hundreds of greeting card layouts in 19 categories to help you create cards that you can print or e-mail

  • Create and print stunning personalized calendar designs

  • Choose from 1000 eye-catching borders to create posters, flyers, invitations, menus, letters, and more.

  • Easy to install and use (2 CDs, 4 Titles)



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